At TPO Agency, we are looking to improve our productivity and efficiency every day. To accomplish this, we use many different tools to achieve product operations excellence. Some of our favorites are ClickUp, Airtable, Notion, and Slack, offering a specific purpose and strength. After using them for a while, we started researching how to improve the coherence of all these tools. This is how we ended up with Automations.

After scouring the web, we found different automation tools, such as Zapier, Make, and Pretty soon, we realized that the basis of all these automation tools can be approached the same. A specific automation always consists of a trigger and one or more actions. The big difference between these automation tools is mainly the different integrations they offer and how you can set up automations.


We are convinced that automations can accelerate and improve our work enormously. Therefore, we have started applying automation to several of our processes. For instance, we have set up a complete flow to speed up the onboarding process. In this flow, our automation platform sends out several emails to request a company car, a mobile phone subscription, or anything else a new hire would need.

We love to share our knowledge with the world, so we have created a lot of playbooks, as we call them, explaining how to set up simple automations.

Automation Community

In addition to our playbooks, we want to further support and guide companies in their automation endeavors, which is why we’re also launching a community. In this community, we provide all kinds of valuable playbooks, use cases, lessons learned, and even whole e-learning templates for you to use when you want to become an expert.

Moreover, there is a forum where you can ask your questions. Or, if there is a need for personal guidance, you can also contact us. And just for the fun of it and to make certain things official, you can pass an exam at TPO Agency to obtain an official certificate. We kindly invite all of you to start exploring the ways you can set up your organization for success. Join our Automation Community here or contact us!