How scaling TPO Agency made us look at automations in a different way

TPO Agency's headcount quadrupled last year, and little cracks in our onboarding flow started to show with every new colleague joining the club. The good thing about growing extremely fast was that we got to spot repetitive processes. Instead of clocking long hours and reordering caffeine any way we could, we took a step back and defined specific flows costing us a lot of time - each and every time.

Automate within and across

One thing that was apparent early on is the general trend we see happening within all of our favorite tools. Any respectable SaaS tool nowadays is looking at an automation strategy. Sometimes promoted front and center, sometimes by allowing third parties to connect with their platforms in a developer-friendly way (which is often also user-friendly these days). Either way, these tools are made to give you back time so you can do more value-adding tasks. This automation trend made us adopt a twofold strategy throughout our scaling challenge. Firstly, we looked for automations within our favorite tools. Secondly, we strategized over automations across and between our favorite SaaS tools. The automation center we're launching will reflect this approach so you, as a growing organization, can tap into all kinds of playbooks to help you speed up your growth.

Product Operations

This approach resides in a much bigger trend that is up and coming, namely: Product Operations. A whole new market is enfolding around organizing your organization from within, looking at all kinds of software that helps you reflect on how you think work should be done. Automations is one of those aspects that will often resound in the coming years. So, yes, we'll further excel at this and help you excel as well. But that is not all. We've already launched ClickUp Compass, a platform that offers you ways to excel in product and project management in a scalable way. And be sure to check out our blog series 'Tools4Tools', which highlights different aspects of Product Operations and some of the best tools out there! So what does this all mean? TPO Agency wants to become your product operations partner whenever you feel slack is building up, employees are complaining about tedious tasks, general employer happiness is falling off the cliff because of outdated software, rash strategies regarding collaboration, and so on. Think of us a your product operator! So stay put, subscribe to our offerings, and set yourself in the right mindset to become a product operator par excellence!